Protecting Risk

Emizon delivers secure, fully managed, dual-path alarm monitoring for intruder & fire system signalling, CCTV monitoring and convergent communication solutions for commercial and domestic premises.   In 21st century Britain, customers want faster, cheaper and more flexible communication options. It is a fact that 95% of businesses and  over 21 million homes now use Broadband. Well over a million UK businesses are now using fibre to connect to the internet.

Emizon’s hardware, service platform and software support services all comply with the highest EN and EU certification standards. Please see our complete range of PDF certifications elsewhere in the Insurer section.

Essentially the same device or TCD (Telemetry Communications Device) can be fitted in any alarm system and is capable of supporting complete dual path solutions; IP & GPRS / IP & PSTN / GPRS & PSTN. This means a single TCD chassis for all signalling and monitoring needs. There is no requirement for extra boards or power supply to be added to suit individual site requirements. It also means upgrading from analogue PSTN to IP is easy – no additional hardware required.

With Emizon you can protect all level of risks and suit all budgets. Choose between Grade 2, Grade 3 (ATS4+) and Grade 4 (ATS5) signalling options.

The communication service is supported by Emizon’s own fully managed service platform with complete fail safe contingency back-up. This ability to manage the end-to-end message delivery process means increased reliability, resilience and accountability which all adds up to a secure service that you know you can trust.

Emizon is extremely easy to install and meets all insurance, industry and police requirements for priority response.