Emizon can use any of the three available signal paths in a dual path communication service; either Ethernet, GPRS or PSTN.

In most cases, the Primary (Wired) Path is known as the IP path. IP or Internet Protocol is the method that all internet connected devices use communicate over the internet. Without IP there is no internet. Every device or computer on the internet has what is called an IP address. This is a unique number (e,g.: Look upon this number like a telephone number. Without one, no-one can call you and you cannot contact anyone.
The Router.

Most premises that security specialists install alarm systems on will have what is called a broadband router. This router is used to connect different computers and devices on that site to the same internet connection. This way you can have more than one computer using the same broadband line.   All of the devices connected to the router are assigned an IP address by the router. These are called internal IP addresses. This is because the router needs to know where to return internet data to when it receives it from the broadband connection.  The Emizon TCD (Telemetry Communications Device) that connect to the Emizon system are devices that can connect to the router, and for them to establish an internet connection they must get an IP address from the router.   The router will assign them an IP address using a system called DHCP.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a service that can run on a router to assign IP addresses to connected devices. Once a device (i.e. an Emizon TCD) is connected and powered up, the DHCP service will assign the device an IP address. This is usually called a Dynamic IP address. Dynamic because this can be changed by request of the device or service.   If there is no DHCP service at the site or there are special configuration conditions that prevent it from assigning IP addresses, then the IP address may have to be entered manually. So the device will need what is called a Static IP Address.
Static IP Address.

Static IP’s are IP addresses that are configured into the device before it connects to the router. Static because it will not change. Caution has to be used when configuring a static IP address, because if more than one device connected to the router has the same IP address then there will be a conflict and this will cause severe communication problems.