Site visit check list – the premises has:

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpgAn Internet-enabled broadband connection – Emizon will work with ANY broadband service provider. See the Download page for PDF Information for IT Managers.

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpgAccess to a router  1 with a spare Ethernet (RJ45) port connection or Ethernet network point. Additional ports can be made available by using a hub/switch purchased from IT suppliers.

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpgCompleted the Customer Survey Form

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpgSufficient GPRS signal strength at the panel Vodafone, 02, Orange or T-Mobile.  On site use the diagnostic facility on the TCD; a reading of 12 or more is usually adequate. Extension antennae cables along with high gain antennaes are available from Emizon.

Layout 1


Installation check list – the installer has:

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpgPlaced your order for Emizon IP and TCD with your ARC 24 hours or more in advance.  TCDs are dispatched by next day courier from Emizon and when bought with the monitoring will AUTOMATICALLY activate on site.

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpg All TCDs now come with a Roaming SIM that can access O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile networks.

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpgA patch lead 3 (CAT 5 UTP cable RJ45 terminated) to connect the panel to the router. Patch leads are available from distribution in 1.5m/3m/10m lengths. For domestic premises, an easy way to connect the TCD to the router is to use Ethernet over Mains.  This system uses two plug in devices; plug one into a mains socket near the router, and the other into a socket near the alarm panel. Then use a patch cable to connect from the plug in device to the router and panel thus avoiding the need for long cable leads. Please review our Download page for instructions on making a patch lead.

/page_images/Red-tick-4.jpgCall the Emizon Technical Service on 0330 880 4422 for support (if required) with your first install.

Please go to our Download page for a PDF version of these instructions and a detailed Installation Instruction Guide.