Intruder and Fire Monitoring

Setting the standards for security...

Emizon delivers secure, fully managed, dual-path alarm monitoring for intruder & fire system signalling, CCTV monitoring and convergent communication solutions for commercial and domestic premises.

The same device or TCD (Telemetry Communications Device) can be fitted in any alarm system and is capable of supporting complete dual path solutions; IP & GPRS / GPRS & PSTN / IP & PSTN.

Single paths solutions are also offered, IP only or GPRS only.

This means a single TCD chassis for all your signalling needs. There is normally no requirement for extra boards or power supply to be added to suit individual site requirements.

It also means upgrading from analogue PSTN to IP is easy – no additional hardware required. With Emizon you can protect all level of risks and suit all budgets. Choose between Grade 2, Grade 3 (ATS4+) and Grade 4 (ATS5) signalling options.

Emizon is extremely easy to install and has been independently tested and passed to comply with the highest EN signalling standards and meets insurance, industry and police requirements for priority response.

The communication service is supported by Emizon’s own fully managed service platform. This ability to manage the end-to-end message delivery process means increased reliability, resilience and accountability all adding up to a secure service that you know you can trust.

About the Emizon service platform

Emizon is a fully managed service.  Emizon operates and manages its own server platforms which both receives alarm signals and sends on to integrated ARC’s, unlike some other IP service providers which have to install their software individually into each ARC.

The managed server platform service – which is particular to Emizon – provides additional services unique to Emizon on behalf of its installer, ARC and end customer base.

This ability to manage the end-to-end message delivery process means increased reliability, resilience and accountability all adding up to a secure service that you know you can trust.


Management Control

•    Proactive fault management.
•    Remote diagnostics and audit trails.
•    Access to a Service Platform designed and managed by industry experts supported  by a free 24hr helpdesk.

On-Line Maintenance Reporting

•    Remote diagnostics for installers.

Service Management

•    Monitoring on IP, GPRS and PSTN includes billing, all connection and usage charges thereby avoiding unexpected call  charges.

Simple Deployment

•    One-stop ordering and one-touch commissioning process.
•    Integration into the ARC management software.

Cost Effectiveness

•    An easy to deploy, Grade 4, 3 and 2 EN standards compliant signalling service at a highly competitive rate.

Future Proof Service Continuity

•    Designed specifically for IP networks, compatible with Next Generation Networks, fibre and 21CN deployment.

Customer Review

Colin Langdown, Managing Director of Christie Intruder Alarms says

“CIA has been of user of Emizon products for well over 5 years and we found found the quality of service and support has been truly excellent. Having an IP signalling product that that is so reliable and versatile but is so simple to install, saves engineering resource and time over and over again”

Jolyon Carmichael, director of Specialised Security Systems


“Emizon On Line Maintenance is a key tool for my business. It enables both my service desk staff and field engineers to give excellent customer service to our clients no matter the time of the day. Emizon solutions simply work 24×7, not only the communication service but technical support as well. The On Line Maintenance platform allows our engineers to have extended diagnostics right at their fingertips and with the Emizon TCD supporting various alarm panel protocols, we can upload / download using the secure Emizon network to pro-actively manage our clients systems, thereby giving great value added service.”

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