Telemetry Communications Device [TCD]

The only communications device you'll need...

The same TCD can be used with Grade 2, 3 and 4 EN signalling and connects to the control panel via pins, serial connections or dial capture.  With the option of monitoring in 3 combinations to ensure all signalling requirements are covered.

  • IP & GPRS
  • IP & PSTN
  • IP or GPRS Single Path

The TCD can be used with dynamic and static IP addressing and, because it uses TCP/IP outbound communications only, it does not interfere with the inbound firewall security settings.  Any problems and our 24/7 technical desk is there to help.

The TCD establishes secure ‘always on’ IP connections to the Monitoring Centre  usually using broadband/IP as the primary fixed or wired network, and GPRS as the secondary wireless path. Both paths are fully managed across the Emizon Service Platform.

With the GPRS and PSTN option, GPRS is use as the primary and PSTN as the secondary path.  Again both paths are managed across the Emizon Service Platform. Finally with the IP and PSTN option, the broadband/IP is the primary or wired network and PSTN the secondary path.

Key Benefits

  • EN signalling Grade 2, 3 and 4
  • IP, GPRS and PSTN network connectivity
  • Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-mobile
  • Upload/download (UDL) for online panel maintenance
  • Online site diagnostics
  • Pins, serial connections and dial capture

24/7 technical help desk on 0330 880 4422

About the Emizon service platform

Emizon is a fully managed service.  Emizon operates and manages its own server platforms which both receives alarm signals and sends on to integrated ARC’s, unlike some other IP service providers which have to install their software individually into each ARC.

The managed server platform service – which is particular to Emizon – provides additional services unique to Emizon on behalf of its installer, ARC and end customer base.

This ability to manage the end-to-end message delivery process means increased reliability, resilience and accountability all adding up to a secure service that you know you can trust.


Management Control

•    Proactive fault management.
•    Remote diagnostics and audit trails.
•    Access to a Service Platform designed and managed by industry experts supported  by a free 24hr helpdesk.

On-Line Maintenance Reporting

•    Remote diagnostics for installers.

Service Management

•    Monitoring on IP, GPRS and PSTN includes billing, all connection and usage charges thereby avoiding unexpected call  charges.

Simple Deployment

•    One-stop ordering and one-touch commissioning process.
•    Integration into the ARC management software.

Cost Effectiveness

•    An easy to deploy, Grade 4, 3 and 2 EN standards compliant signalling service at a highly competitive rate.

Future Proof Service Continuity

•    Designed specifically for IP networks, compatible with Next Generation Networks, fibre and 21CN deployment.

Emizon Shop

Installers can buy a TCD direct from our shop.


How can I connect the TCD to a router that is quite a distance from the panel?

Apart from running a cable from the Panel to the Router, you could consider using Ethernet Over Mains. This is a pair of devices that are plugged into mains socket outlets (one near the panel and one near the router). Then simply connect a patch cabled from both the TCD and Router to these Ethernet Over Mains devices.

Where can I obtain a copy of the Installation Guide and Quick Start Guide?

Both, Installation Guide and Quick Start Guide are included with every TCD that is despatched.  If you have mislaid your copy, please refer to the downloads section under the Resources menu.

When calling the Emizon helpdesk, what information is required?

The helpdesk will require the TCD Serial Number which can be found on the white lid just below the bar code.  We can also connect to the TCD with the installation number, which can be obtained from your ARC.

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