Security System Key Benefits

Save Money

Emizon offers substantial financial savings when compared to equivalent legacy signalling services. No need for dedicated PSTN fixed line alarm signalling and associated call charges.


Works with any broadband service, GPRS network and phone line provider.

Greater Security

Dual path monitoring provides the most secure and reliable signalling available today. Uses your existing broadband connection for an ‘always-on’ link between your alarm system and monitoring centre and provides total security because broadband connections are constantly monitored.

Easy to deploy, cost-effective to manage

Emizon fits seamlessly into modern alarm panels. Enables your alarm company to manage and maintain your system without unnecessary call-outs and charges.

Convergent Opportunities

Work with Emizon and your Security specialist to identify additional service benefits that can be communicated via the Emizon TCD. Here are some examples;

Fully Approved

Meets the exacting requirements of the security industry, insurance companies and police services. Emizon has been independently tested and passed for compliance with the highest Grade 4 EN signalling standards and the latest EU standards.

Here are some examples where our security system can be used:

  • Trade Door Management System (Checking a shop is opening its trade doors when it should be)
  • Retail operations, footfall measurement
  • Equipment Monitoring (Lighting failure and boiler failure monitoring)
  • Real Time Site Setting and Un-setting Reports